Gwenview needs a new maintainer

Aurélien, the maintainer of the famous KDE image viewer gwenview made an announcement that he will step back as the maintainer of gwenview, and that this position is up for adoption:

If you think you’ve got what it takes to keep Gwenview alive (that is: C++/KDE skills and interest in images, obviously) I would be very happy to hear from you.

The background is just that he reached a point to do something else – he maintained it for six years now, which is an *impressive* job. Of course he does not want his project to die, so if you have the needed skills, go on and take the chance!

The advantage of gwenview is that it is one the one hand a very powerful image viewer and has a quite nice embedded viwer for konqueror (which I really like), but that on the other hand developers do not have to care about specific image manipulation because that is provided by the kipi plugins which are shared with digikam and other tools.

In any case: Thank you, Aurélien, for this awesome application which really made my life easier on the KDE dekstop!


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