A new RPM (community) is arising

Today I read this post by Thomas Chung which sheds some light on the future around rpm. These of you who do not know why there is the need to do that: the RPM version used by the main distributions is significant older than upstream, and there is no interest at the moment to use the upstream version because of different views on the future of RPM with the current maintainer. For more information, read this mail discussion as well as the bug report #174307.

But now things have changed – the major players in the RPM field have found together and are going to relaunch a new community around rpm, completely independent from any distribution and as a place for all interested developers and users to get their hands dirty on rpm:

Everything will live at rpm.org, with a relaunched wiki, code repository,
and mailing lists. As for rpm.org itself, its hosting and maintainership
is outside of Red Hat, and is being generously provided by Duke

As a first result the rpm page was cleaned up and looks nicer now.

Technically we will see a development ongoing from version 4.4.2 which is used for example by Fedora and Suse. The first steps will be to clean up the current code and to integrate patches from the different distributors: since no one was using upstream the distributions had quite large sets of patches. The next step there will be to check for sensible new features – and to integrate them. Not sure what that will be, but I hope for delta/patch rpms to make it into the new version because big rpm are not a problem for me – but I have a download of more than 10 MB per second, and that’s not the case for everyone…

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