Current development in KDE – commit digest issue 36

Issues 36 of the commit digest has been released and has as usual some very interesting information.

First of all, the work at Nepomuk continues. Recently, support for tagging has been implemented in a way every other application can access it. The distant aim is to provide this (KDE-) function to all application developers and therefore let Nepomuk become the central place to store data.
And since the data would be stored in a standard way there should be a possibility to access these data from other applications (think of GNOME environment here) as well.
These meta data can now also be searched by strigi – I like that!

Another big thing in this report was the work done with KSysGuard, the KDE task manager: the graphs it draws are now anti-aliased and look pretty nice. Also, there is now a graphical indication of how much CPU a process uses. And, last but not least: startup time and memory usage optimisation. To be honest, I wonder how fast it will be with KDE 4. Here on my system it comes up in almost a second, faster than every other task manager on other systems I know.
“Unfortunately” most improvements will only go into the KDE 4 version, there is not to much we can expect with the next KDE version (3.5.6).

And there are several small but nice changes hidden in the commit digest. One of my favourites is that kivio gets layer support soon. That makes it much easier to create complex diagrams. Also, Luboš Luňák is improving KWin all the time – this time he has added a zoom effect. It really looks like KWin4 can become the composition manager for KDE 4, especially because it can use OpenGL but does not necessarily depend on it (afaik).


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