Kopete styles: hello, Adium…

Today I was, once again, a bit annoyed by the kopete style I use – I checked some new ones with the cool “get hot new stuff” function, however, there weren’t any really good ones. Also, most of them came along with inbound contact images, and I *hate* these. I need a clean, but yet good looking style!

So I had a look around – there are several available in the corresponding kde-look.org area but no style really appealed to me.

And then Adium came to my mind: Adium is a pretty impressive IM application for MacOS – it can handle every imaginable IM protocol and even supports stuff like Jabber-Jingle. And it has a very nice style engine – which is compatible with kopete’s style engine (v. 0.12 and above). So meet adiumxtras.com, a page dedicated to the extensibility of Adium (and therefor a bit similar to kde-look.org).

And there I quite fast found what I was searching for: the style Modern fits my needs pretty well: it is clean, still nice designed, easy on the eye, and with almost no pictures – almost, because there is a header with a picture, but I just deleted that part in the source code, and now everything is fine.
And I’m quite sure that there are even more beautiful styles hidden if you just spent some minutes to search through the database.

If you want to give it a try, just go the styles section and download one of the styles (take the zip file) – you can import the zip file directly into kopete. If you find a very appealing one without any contact images, feel free to post it in the comment section 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kopete styles: hello, Adium…”

  1. This
    is how it looks like. You can adjust the colours with the css files, but I’m not so much of a designer so I just used the default ones.

    I like it because it is just slick and clean and works. And as you can see it also shows times when a contact sends several messages after another. Other themes I used before just showed the time of the first one.

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