openSuse 10.2

suse-chameleonkOoLiNuS posted it and also told me, so I just repeat: openSuse 10.2 is here!
The announcement should be in the next hours, depending on where you live, because:

These are the first openSUSE 10.2 files, more to come later.

10.2 will be announced on the 7th and therefore:
Blackout period ends on 2006-12-07!

I think that is the reason why there is already a Korean server providing the files already.

So: take your favourite torrent program, and download what you need – in middle of Europe I get more than 3.5 MB per second of download speed, and I seriously doubt that a direct load from the Korean server would be faster.

Looks like the RC5 was made the Gold Master.

Congrats, openSuse project, for such a release – I will definitely test in my VM how it works and how it performs. Also I’m really curious about the new KDE menu – not that I ever use the K menu (I’m fast with Alt+F2), but I think it could be so useful that I actually start using a menu! And it is something cool to impress my friends around christmas 😉

And if you give it a try, here is some more documentation: the Documentation Errata, the wiki list of the most annoying bugs which appeared after the release and the bugzilla entries related to openSuse 10.2.


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