Fedora Directory Server – and enterprisenetworkingplanet.com

fedora-logo-bubbleIt’s funny how I sometimes stumble over Linux dedicated web pages I’ve never seen before – but which are really deep in the subject, well visited and high quality. One of them is enterprisenetworkingplanet.com.
It is driven by the same guys who are running linuxtoday.com, and yes, on both you can find MS’ stupid “Get the facts” campaign advertisements. But in opposite of linuxtoday.com enterprisenetworkingplanet.com posts not only news, but also Howtos and reviews – and I’ve never seen these Howtos and reviews appearing anywhere else, I must say.
Also, if you look around at the other pages from the same companies you will find even more and more news pages of the same type, similar design, but dedicated to other fields. At a first glimpse these networks look pretty nice.

This leads me to the way how I found that page: I was looking for more information about the Fedora Directory Server and how it plays together with Windows Clients, and I found a quick 3-part Howto about setting up a Fedora Directory Server:

It also lists pGina as the preferred login method for Windows clients to find their ways into LDAP systems, or, better said, to find their way into any system available (hey, these guys even have a plugin to log into slashdot!).
The only thing missing is now enough machines and time to really try to set up such a system – I would *love* to play around it, set it up, connect it to a Samba Server, and do all this stuff. Yet, I do not have the need for that at all…

The only thing, btw., which I really do not like about that page is that I do not find a rss-feed. I just can’t find it. If anyone can find it, please let me know.


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