Beryl part of Fedora Extras now

fedora-logo-bubbleThanks to Jarod Wilson Beryl is now part of Fedora Extras and can therefore be installed without any additional configuration – just fire up yum or Pirut, and install beryl-gnome or beryl-kde, depending on what desktop environment you prefer.

Also, the packages which has been included come along with two nice extras:

  • The package aquamarine can be used as a window manager inside of beryl. It will use the window themes you chosen in the normal KDE control center.
  • heliodor supports Metacity themes and is therefore a drop in replacement for the GNOME users.

There might be more in the future.

However, due to the fact that it is now very easy to install Beryl on Fedora there is no need for my HowTo anymore – I rewrote that part in the Beryl Wiki. No ore link there pointin at my blog, I can already see it in my stats 😉

And, just as a side note: KWin, the KDE window manager, got more features these days. Most interesting part is however that it works even with drivers which do not support “texture from pixmap” – like the fglrx-ATI drivers. I wasn’t aware that you can create a composition manager without TFP – I never stop learning.


4 thoughts on “Beryl part of Fedora Extras now”

  1. nice thing about kwin is that it doesn’t need openGL support at all – just Xrender support should be enough to get compositing etc., so it also works in onder laptops and desktops without 3d hardware…

  2. Does Beryl-kde also support KPager and abides by the “Show windows from all desktops” checkbox in kicker settings? Those were the two things that annoyed me about compiz and KDE.

  3. @behavedave: i’m not sure, but i think it’s KPager’s and Kicker’s fault… we’ll have to wait until someone fixes it in KDE, and it enters 3.5.x. and we need someone to code it quickly to have it in 3.5.6… 😦

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