News about tracker and FC6 [Update]

fedora-logo-bubbleAs I recently wrote one of the current usable and possible solutions for search Linux based systems is tracker.
But I wasn’t aware of that the homepage is hopelessly outdated – first of all there were already new releases, the current version 0.5.1 was announced some days ago.

Also, and that was even more important to me: there are packages already included in Fedora Extras (at least for Fedora Core 6) – you can just install it with yum (ok, due to a current bug the best to install tracker-devel and catch tracker as a dependency and prevent mikmod from replacing tracker).

Also interesting is that this version comes along with a stand alone search tool – just launch tracker-search-tool, and you will be able to search just like with beagle.
It is also said that tracker is now able to index kmail and thunderbird mails – however, this doesn’t work for me, I don’t know why… Anyhow, nice to have this program available so easily atm. I just hope they update their homepage soon.

I got a response about the indexing problem, it is currently deactivated, but they hope to have it back in a stable form around Christmas. Sounds good, would love to check how it indexes the mails.


2 thoughts on “News about tracker and FC6 [Update]”

  1. I’m not having any success with tracker now (Since installing the new version). When I have just my home folder indexed it works as well as the old one but then I add my other two partitions (that are mounted AOK and used to work well with the old daemon) it only returns either no result or the last result I got when I last searched with only my home folder indexed. Well I signed up with the mailing list so I guess I’ll tell them but I haven’t had any mails from there yet. The search for decent search on Linux leads me back to Beagle it ain’t perfect or completely accurate but it works.

  2. Hm, haven’t tested different partitions here… but I struggle to activate the kmail indexing system. Maybe I will join the mail list, too, but I need time for that which I do not have right now.

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