kde-logo-officialRecently Aaron pointed out that Adobe is using WebKit for a richt internet application (whatever that means).
The interesting point here is that WebKit is a fork of KHTML, which is the engine of the KDE browser konqueror. WebKit is used as a base of Apple’s browser Safari and is developed by the Apple people mostly, but in an open way – you can join the development if you meet their requirements. Btw. Nokia also used the KHTML code to do some work on their own.
And since Adobe will contribute to WebKit it means that there will be quite some work going into WebKit, and we can expect several improvements.

The question, however, is what will happen with KDE in this context. Read again: WebKit is essentially a fork. You can port forward and backward some stuff, but not everything, and there is work done on both sides to improve the code and the engine on each side.
The best idea would be to join in and take WebKit as the future of the KHTML engine because it is backed up by several companies and it would mean no double effort.

But it looks like that not every KHTML developer loves WebKit: to join the WebKit project you have to fit to Apple’s requirements, and that would mean in a way working like Apple wants you to – that does not fit to everyone. Also, there is already a lot of work done on the KHTML engine which you cannot port to WebKit, this would be quite a lot of work just lost.
And the question remains if all aims of the KHTML/KDE team could really be realized inside of WebKit – other efforts of working together with Apple’s team weren’t always smooth.

At the moment the state is unclear: some KHTML developers are contributing code to WebKit, some do not. Nothing more.

I think it would be worth it to think about the possibility to work together with the WebKit guys. However, it would be much easier, I guess, if the main KHTML developers would get full svn access to join the development because they technically did the base work and the largest amount of work. Well, we will see.
In any case an interesting development.

Ah, and btw: I passed my second exam, and this one was much better – I got the best grade available 😀


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