[Howto] Using Beryl in Fedora Core 6 [4. Update]

fedora-logo-bubbleAs you know, Fedora Core is shipped with X.Org v. 7.1, and therefore with AIGLX. And Compiz works fine.

However, there is not only Compiz, there is Beryl as well, and it is interesting because it comes along with such nice stuff as a Effects Manager and a Manager for the current system setup. You can install both of them side by side on your machine, the only problem is that Beryl is not available in the repositories yet. But that’s not a problem since there is already a set of bugs asking for inclusion of these packages. The german fedorablog.de has taken these srpms and has built rpms for i386 – so all you have to do is to download all rpm packages given here and install them. Click on the links to the packages: you will be faced with a special download page where the link is indicated by a blue earth icon.

After that, just launch beryl-manager when you started GNOME or KDE, and it will start with a tool to manage the rest.

Welcome to even more cool desktop effects 😉

The given packages are only for i386 – if you want to have Beryl for x86_64 you have to rebuild the srpms by yourself. If you want to use beryl on ppc – well, is there any graphic card driver for ppc supporting AIGLX?

2. Update
Jarod Wilson, the one who filled the bug report and provides the src packages, also provides precompiled packages. These are provided as a yum repository, and you also find binaries for x86_64 – and ppc.

3. Update
There is a new repository provided by the same guy who is also providing the src rpms – just copy this file to your /etc/yum.repos.d/, and install the packages with yum:

yum -y install beryl-core beryl-manager beryl-plugins beryl-settings emerald emerald-themes

And, guys, please read the whole article, especially the updates, before you complain about anything or give links.

4. Update
The packages have finally arrived in Fedora Extras – you don’t have to integrate any repository or stuff like that anymore. Read the wiki about information how to install and use beryl on Fedora Core!
And this is the last update I make for this article – if you’re unsure, check the rest of the blog, maybe you will find updated information there. And this is now the worst article I ever wrote 😀


39 thoughts on “[Howto] Using Beryl in Fedora Core 6 [4. Update]”

  1. Hmm.. ofcourse, for one to use these packages, one would have to have an i386, and not a PPC or x86_64 ofcourse.

  2. If you started the beryl-manager once in a session, it should be started again the next session if you save the session with beryl-manager started.
    If this doesn’t work, ask at the forum of the beryl project 🙂

  3. There are video cards on the PPC that support aiGLX, my Mac MINI PPC 1.5Ghz w/ a 64MB ati card does support aiGLX, however there is one small issue that makes it rather difficult to use aiGLX on PPC which is a endian bug that needs to be patched into Fedora’s xorg.

    aiGLX ppc bug report

  4. They disappear for a short time here as well – it means that the window manager is shut down.
    But then, when the other windowmanager (beryl) comes up they should come back.
    If you loose your background image as well, then beryl is not able to come up, you should ask in the beryl forums. If you see your background image, but not the borders, check if you can change the window borders to another style in the beryl manager.

  5. Why do you think the condition would be *worse* with FC6? Any real reasons?
    Because FC6 comes along with a new X.Org version which has included the new free ATI drivers which are working with AIGLX – FC5 does not come along with these drivers.
    Besides, FC5 comes along with the old X.Org which has no AIGLX.

    So, please explain why you expect a worse driver support with FC6. And “believing” is not the right answer, btw…

  6. I installed it on FC6 x86_64. Was very easy. Great job!!! Thanks.
    I have problems with the next things:
    * When I select “Compiz” or “Compiz with Cow” the windows’s decoration disappears.
    * Using Beryl. In evolution: When I make a new mail or when I reply them, appears a black window (with decorations).
    * Every time I start a new session (with beryl as default), the windows haven’t decorations. I have to recharge the windows manager (with the Beryl menu).
    Could the cause of this be the xorg.conf modifications when installing Aiglx?

  7. @Vincente: the best would be to mention these problems at the beryl forum because the people there already gathered quite a lot of experiences with problems and odd things running beryl.
    They can (hopefully) help you with these tasks – or fix the bugs 🙂

  8. This is awesome – easy as 1 – 2 – 3.
    Thumbs up – you are the best! Now my windows buddies will be green when I show them this (after they have tried to impress me with vista)

  9. Excellent work !

    It’s very nice to work with and it’s fast.
    It works well on fc6-x86_64 using the RPMS mentioned earlier.

  10. Thanks!
    However, keep in mind that I just post the howto, the packages are provided by Jarod Wilson, he is the one you should really say thank you. He is also the guy who made it possible that these packages appeared in the extras repository 🙂

  11. I just installed it on our new Dell Precision 390 with an intel Core2Duo.
    Whenever I start the beryl-manager a big beryl logo comes up, then the session dies and I get the login screen >*. I even recompiled all beryl related rpms from source….??

  12. You should first check if you graphic card drivers are supported – the fglrx-drivers from ATI are not, for example. For a better troubleshooting it is best to ask at the beryl-forums, they provide support and are quite experienced in these things.

  13. If you want to use beryl on ppc – well, is there any graphic card driver for ppc supporting AIGLX?

    By the way, I am posting this from an iMac G5 with an ATI 9600 – and the answer is, yes, the Open Source drivers support AIGLX, and Beryl 0.1.1 compiles and runs on PPC.

    So far I’ve been unable to compile Beryl 0.1.2, though.

  14. Thanks for the comment about ppc, learned something more 🙂
    And about the ppc-compilation problem:
    Beryl has been included into Fedora Extras officially, there you also find beryl 0.1.2 packages.

  15. ppc is a processor architecture type promoted mainly by IBM.
    It was used by Apple for a long time until they switched to Intel last year, and is used in game consoles and servers. For example, the Xbox, the WII and the PS3 all use processors based on the ppc architecture.

    For more information, see Wikipedia’s article about ppc.

  16. HI

    THE Repositories of Beryl in Fedora core 6 installs Beryl with no prob.
    But the Installed Beryl has no transparency Option in Beryl settings.
    I want transparencies in inactive windows……

    Any method please??????????????????

  17. The extra repository is not necessary anymore, Fedora Extras has updated Beryl packages. Just hit yum update, and the beryl packages should be updated to the newest version, currently 0.1.3, with all features you need.
    If you however cannot find what you are looking for, go to the beryl forums, these people can help you much better than I could.

  18. I have a question, i am currently using the extra repository, in order to use the fedora extras repository, do i need to remove the previously installed packages from the extra repository?

    p.d. sorry my bad english

  19. The fedora extra repositories are automatically installed and activated – fedora extra and extra means the same in this context.
    For further questions please use a forum or a irc channel, blogs are not really useful for providing help and information.

  20. Hi,

    I installed beryl on FC6, on my desktop. I have installed via the “yum install beryl” command. I have added beryl as the default window managers for both kde and gnome. I am facing the following problems:

    1. On GNOME, the it just shows the wallpaper and nothing else. No icons, no panel. All the desktops are present and I can switch through all of them. But all of them are in the same condition.

    2. On KDE, desktop 1 works fine. But the moment I switch to some other desktop I face problem. The screen is not refreshed there. If you move a window, all the movements will be present on the screen.

    Any idea on what might be gone wrong?

  21. Make sure you install beryl-gnome and beryl-kde. This might solve your issues. If not:
    A blog is *not* the place to discuss problems or strange behaviour. Please refer to well known forums: they have better possibilities, more experience, more time and are maybe more skilled in bug hunting.

  22. You can use beryl (now compiz fusion) on ppc. I’ve done it myself on Ubuntu Feisty )using the open source radeon driver) and I get excellent performance.

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