[Howto] Using Compiz in KDE on Fedora Core 6 [Update]

fedora-logo-bubbleWell, as I already said, Fedora Core 6 is out – and it is pretty amazing!

Ok, I have to admit that the install (I normally reinstall which is no problem since my home has its own partition) wasn’t easy at all. Grub wasn’t set up properly, and I had to reinstall it with the repair tools. Additionally localhost (!) wasn’t set up right for ipv4 which I had to correct as well. But after that everything worked fine.

And I have to admit, the new system works great. Ok, sure, since FC is a de-facto GNOME distribution, most of the improvements are there – but that’s ok, I know how to change my way to get KDE running on the provided system 🙂
The most impressive improvement is the complete integration of AIGLX into FC. In GNOME you even have a small GUI to change Metacity to Compiz, or back. And compiz comes along with a set of already preconfigured plugins, and with these you get the already very well known 3D possibilities.
Another special thing for me was the new X.Org-Server, version 7.1: this one comes along with a very much improved radeon driver which allows me to run Compiz on my ATI radeon 7something with at least enough performance to enjoy Compiz. The current proprietary driver from ATI, fglrx, is not able to run with Compiz on AIGLX!

After I tested out all that stuff on GNOME I wanted to see how it performs in KDE. For that you just have to place the following code in ~/.kde/Autostart/compiz.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=compiz --replace gconf & gnome-window-decorator &

That should do the trick. After that: well, just enjoy Compiz 😉

However, one thing: you will not be able to use more than one background image with Compiz atm, and you will not be able to use your Window Pager with Compiz – there is a patch for that available at kde-apps, but it looks like this is not upstream…

Superstoned mentioned that the window pager problem is fixed in KDE 3.5.5. So this problem will be fixed with the next KDE update. The thing left is that you will always see all tasks in the task bar, regardless of the desktop they are shown on.


16 thoughts on “[Howto] Using Compiz in KDE on Fedora Core 6 [Update]”

  1. the patch is upstream in kde 3.5.5, but it still isn’t perfect, imho. the taskbar doesn’t know about the desktops, so you always see all tasks (and i don’t like that at all).

    aah, compiz is nothing i need anyway – nice effects, but lots of em pointless, and i miss too many features which should be in a mature windowmanager (and are) like kwin and metacity.

  2. Good question – and I have no idea. The main problem is that there are hardly any community ressources for Compiz available since Beryl forked away from Compiz. But maybe you found more information about that at the Compiz article in the opensuse wiki.

  3. Uhm …. i missed that one, were it’s located ?

    System -> Preferences -> Desktop Effects.

    You can also start it with the command desktop-effects. A screenshot of the menu is given here.

  4. thanks a lot to Amida168.. i never know that such easy command to enable 3d effects..i have been looking in many webs…most of those web asking me to install many things..such as auto start and so on..and after i finished done all,nothing works..and sometime even worse after i finished type some commands then my system crashed for sudden,it required me to create another user to cover this..thanks a lot again for this command!!!hope that anybody will share any command that can improve this 3d desktop : )

  5. Great tip for compiz on KDE. It works on FC6x64/2.6.18-1.2849 #1 SMP/KDE-3.5.5. The cube spins by selecting desktops from panel, the windows wobble! Good enough for me.

  6. If you find that your window borders have disappeared, and you can’t move them or resize them, and have to go to the file menu to close them, try this:
    System->Preferences->Desktop Effects
    Click the button labelled ‘Enable Desktop Effects’
    Log out
    Log back in

  7. Actually, when you click on a window while you press the Alt-key you can still move them around. One of my favourite short cuts I use all the time…

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