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kde-logo-officialYes, the exam – btw. I’m not the only one, he is actually doing the same exams in the same subject, I think. But he has much more time to prepare for each topic… but anyway, I spent my time abroad, so it’s not wasted 😉

But, because of the exam preparations just a short note about three exciting KDE news:
First of all, since I was already talking about the maintainer of Phonon, Phonon will soon get a fully fledged gstreamer backend. This is very nice because it will make the average user able to use whatever he/she wants. And if there is the necessity for gstreamer, Phonon and therefore KDE 4 will not be a problem.

Second, kopete and Decibel are working together: this commit digest covers the statement:

So we decided to go the Telepathy/Tapioca/Decibel way for managing our protocols.

In short, they are using the telepathy specs to build their framework. The implementation of the specs will be done with tapioca, and Decibel will manage everything which is related to KDE personal information management. Kopete finally will provide the interface to actually chat, speak and so on (I hope, that I got all right).
So one of my biggest fears, that there will be two branches, kopete on the one hand and Decibel on the other, are now unsubstantial.

Third, and this is also mentioned in the commit digest, there is really something happening around KDE 4 and Nepomuk:

Initial import of the Nepomuk-KDE backbone

You can see the svn repository here. There is work done in all branches, and I really hope that it gains speed in the next weeks and months. I’m looking forward towards the first results, especially towards integration with a search system like strigi.

So, there is really a lot happening right now – but I do not have any time to report about it since there is too much to do for my exams, and I have to concentrate on this one because the first (theoretical physics) wasn’t as expected.

And that in a time where even Fedora Core 6 was released… *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Short KDE news”

  1. indeed both decibel and nepomuk are getting up-speed. i’ve been talking to the decibel developer, and he and the kopete dev’s are definitely working together. they talked on akademy, and most likely the current work on Telepathy/Tapioca will be reworked in a Decibel-like backend, which will be used by Kopete. Decibel is mostly in design fase still, and the Kopete dev’s are mostly experimenting, but it’ll be there.

    about nepomuk-kde, check their chat channels… Sebastian Trueg is working very hard on it, and not alone. even vandenoever (Strigi!) is checking in now and then, and most likely those two (nepomuk and strigi) will work together from the beginning.

    vandenoever has also started a ‘let’s see how we can work together’ thread on the gnome devel mailinglist, where a discussion was going on about tracker VS beagle.

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