No KDE vs GNOME: make a statement against flame wars

TuxYes, I’m still learning for my exams, but this is just too important:
Through the blogosphere I got the news there there is yet another stupid, energy wasting flame war about GNOME and KDE. We had this already, so I repeat somehow, I’m afraid: there is no battle, and everyone flaming about the difefrences and the pro and cons is a dumb jackass.

In realtiy, the projects work together, and the users pretty often use apps from both worlds. Hey, even people who are very focussed on one of both solutions have a look at the other side once in a while and report about it quite excited.

So, please, if you are a GNOME or a KDE user: it is no problem to have technical discussions about advantages and disadvantages – both can benefit from it pretty much! But, keep away from dumb flame wars! If one person says “desktop a is slower than b” ask for numbers – I’m pretty sure he will not have any reliable numbers! The same is true for almost all other typical flame arguments.

So, to really make a statement against such flame wars, I would like to introduce two new, simple buttons I made:

Use these buttons to show that you are against flame wars – and that you support both desktop environments, no matter if you actually use their software or not. The best is to link them to a page which shows even more dramatic that you dislike these dumb flamewars, and that you will not tolerate any attempt to spread FUD between these both.
And yes, you can have the buttons, copy them, or link to my versions on my flickr page, they will not disappear.

Just make a statement against these dumb flames. It is time to show these people that they are not wanted in the community and that they are not part of the community!

14 thoughts on “No KDE vs GNOME: make a statement against flame wars”

  1. Yes – and it never helped anyone, but in reality that debate doesn’t matter. The point is: emacs vs vim will never reach any average user, and the debate will only harm these few people who actually use the programs. Most average users or users coming from other platforms will most certainly stick to another program at the beginning.

    KDE vs GNOME, on the other hand, reaches almost every user and would also reach most average users. (Not the vim/emvcs guys, these use their own wms, I guess 😉 ), And when a debate heats up again, including statements from important people, than the average user as well as ISVs listen, and maybe turn away.

  2. I realise this comment is late but why are flame wars bad? You just seemed to take it for granted that we all know. Personally I find them a highly amuzing spectator sport.

  3. Fighting flame wars is destroying the bridges which are necessary between the different parts of the community.

    Fighting flame wars between Gnome and KDE means destroying projects like Tango, or even DBus. Read some good books fro amusement, that’s much better than downward comparison.

  4. yes,
    I’m happy there is somebody who thinks like I do, and uses the appropriate app (kde/gnome) whenever required to do so.
    keep the good work.

  5. Daniel, the idea is to state that you are against flame wars – and that you care about the good relationship between the projects.
    But fortunately flame wars didn’t appear anyway in the last months, so maybe this entire problem is gone – although I can hardly believe it…

  6. Good for you, I totally agree, I tend to switch DEs a fair bit to get to know them all, and understand all their good points. The whole debate is old, uninteresting and contrary to the element of choice which so many cite as the compelling reason to use and feel strongly about Linux anyway. More power to you.

    More of this sort of thing!

  7. Buddy i love every Linux piece of code and every user too. So their is no hate here. Right now Linux is getting installed in desktop and i am writing this. Using such protactive words against movements like Linux harm name and fame of Linux user community. You just chance the head lines and let us discuss which is good. Not declare wars. Ok. Free operating systems are revelution . They are almost as sacred as religous revalutions which will free us from hi tech slavery and economic slavery. I just appriciate courage of every Linux user and never degrade or eight with him. Love you all bye bye

  8. I apologize for spelling and grammer mistakes in the above post . This happened because i composed and posted it using my sony ericsson mobile. C you all bye

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