Qt 4.3 for KDE 4?

kde-logo-officialAs everyone knows Trolltech released Qt 4.2 some days ago. The list of new features of the graphic framework is pretty long and includes nice stuff, like css-like styles for application designs, or the new Graphics View canvas which I already mentioned.

The KDE 4 development snapshot was built upon a Qt 4.2 development snapshot already for quite a long time and is now using the release version. However, today Zack Rusin introduced a new feature for Qt 4.3 and mentioned that KDE 4 development will switch over to the Qt 4.3 snapshot quite soon. Looks like KDE 4 will be built on Qt 4.3 – something which is not too surprising because it will take some time until KDE 4 will be release ready, and it is very likely that Qt will be released as version 4.3 until then. But that does not have to be bad, because the introduced feature is perspective transformation – without any need of OpenGL. Qt 4.3 will also offer the chance that Trolltech can include more wishes and suggestions from KDE developers who start to develop for KDE 4 first now.

Interesting so far, I really hope that most of the KDE4 developers take the most out of it and really use the new and pretty cool functions of Qt 4.2 and 4.3.

And: my current guess for a first usable beta version of KDE 4: March 2007.
(Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with KDE in any way – I’m just a user and happen to read some free accessible information.)


3 thoughts on “Qt 4.3 for KDE 4?”

  1. Hi,
    don’t you know if real transparency (top level widgets with ARGB visuals) will be supported in Qt 4.3? I wan’t to make Cairo Clock alternative written in Qt4, but I have found that even Qt 4.2 doesn’t support ARGB visuals for top level windows, so it is not possible without ugly XRender hacks 😦

    But I have found in this 1 year old Zack Rusin’s blogpost (http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/1559), that he has done exactly what I want, so I really wonder why it isn’t included in Qt4 even today and when (if) it will be inclnuded. This is serious disadvantage of Qt4 if top level ARGB visuals wouldn’t be supported. I have written Zack Rusin about it, but he didn’t answer.

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