Skype update: version [Update]

skypeThe Linux version of Skype has been update to a new version, The updat is dated at September 27, 2006, but I haven’t seen any message flying around in the blogosphere – did I miss something?

Anyway, the changelog lists a huge amount of changes: 105 bugfixes, 11 new features, 3 optimizations and 8 changes. Most notable are maybe these:

  • change: Default double-click action set to Call, not Chat. (WARNING: DEFAULT BEHAVIOUR CHANGED)
  • change: Updated EULA.

I still have to check if my strange ALSA bug is still valid and blocks me from using the ALSA module. Will test that in some days, at the moment it does not look like there has been bug fixes in that area.

And now the final version is released, even with an own RPM for Fedora Core 5. At least it is nice to see that they still develop the Linux client, at least a bit.


3 thoughts on “Skype update: version [Update]”

  1. Nice update. Anyway, Openwengo has a linux beta release that allow also linux user to send SMS, while this is still missing on this release (at variance with skype windows relase)…

  2. Well, now it seems they’re catching up with the Apple client, then they will have to decide if go with Linux or Symbian handsets 🙂

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