KDE 4 menu development

kde-logo-officialThanks to a comment by Siraj Razick I became aware of the development of the future KDE 4 menu: codename “Raptor”.
Ratpor will be a plasmoid, a Plasma widget, and therefore building upon newest KDE 4 technology which takes care of stuff like resizing. Also there will be a clear separation from data sources and presentation – something which is a basic design principle for all KDE 4 widgets to make widget development easier (for more information see one of Aaron Seigos presentations about Plasma).

The main goals of Raptor are clear: to provide a high quality menu everyone will like. This includes an intelligent “My Favourite” section (intelligent means really intelligent and not the stuff available today), a skin supported menu (png or svg, colour, layout), fancy effects (“rain in the menu”, whatever that means) and of course searching of all entries – at the moment implemented with strigi (which was mentioned pretty often at akademy – hope it gets even more boost!).

There are also other ideas listed, however it is not entirely clear how far these have been implemented or just discussed: plugin support (at least for other search machines like beagle instead of strigi), tag support for menu entries, even with weighted tags and other stuff. For more details, look at their project page.


4 thoughts on “KDE 4 menu development”

  1. No need to cahnge the menus. People like then just as they are. Thats why you guys are making tons of money from us. If u change the menu, you are risking drawing people away rather then drawing people nearer.

  2. Money? What do you mean?
    However, the new menu is not only for people who already use KDE, but also for people who will switch over to KDE – the new menu is a result of quite a lot of usability studies aiming at new users.

    Anyway, since this will be the world of plasma you are free to switch over to your version of a menu – to program your own, or whatnot. Keep in mind that Plasma is designed to make such stuff easy – especially to make menu-replacement easy.

  3. Hi.
    Again .well what I mean by rain is some water effect as overlay .
    example is here http://www.kbfx.org/siraj/preview/test.htm
    where u can place some Effect over the menu items..and the menu items look as if they are under water…or if they are on fire

    we have a prototype for kde3 and soon we will go public with that you can find some of the source code in trunk/playground/base/kbfx_plasma/ . remember this is a prototype. svg is still missing 🙂


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