More aKademy transscripts, first slides [Update: first video]

kde-logo-officialThe aKademy talk page on the kde-wiki fills up slowly, but steadily. Despite the energy put into these transcripts there are some transcripts which are even better – well, at least they are formatted and come sometimes with photos 🙂
They are provided by Daniel Haas aka Shyru whom I mentioned earlier when I discovered his decibel report. He did an awesome job writing transcripts for several talks Here is a list with links:

Thanks Shyru, these transcripts are awesome!

Besides these great transcripts Jos van den Oever aka vandenoever, the main head of the strigi team, published his slides (PDF) of his BoF session also. I have to admit that I’m a little bit proud about the fact that one of the first slides is the wiki list of crazy ideas for searches – a page that I’ve created. The question remains however how much strigi talked with the Nepomuk team, and what came out of it.

And here is it, the Plasma-talk video. But: there are no screenshots or anything else showing some plasma actions or widgets running, so no eye candy yet.


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