akademy news: report of Decibel talk

kde-logo-officialBy accident I found this blog entry this morning which did not appear on the planet. It is a very detailed report about the decibel talk and lists quite a lot of information. For example the structure of the whole project is described as well as ths tatus:

Status: (Or where is the code?)
He says “We are behind schedule”. 😦

But we got some things done already:

  • Qt bindings to Telepathy were missing (done)
  • QtTapioca was launched to make wrinting applications like Houste easier (in progress)
  • Housten implementation (started)

  • KDE specific components (todo)

And according to that report the decibel team is really active – which is a kind of calming since the mailing list is not as active as other project lists I might say.

Another note in the text is the last one, dealing with kopete: it looks like that kopete was only mentioned besides and that it is not fully clear how kopete can and will be included. That is a bit sad because these are two competing projects with not too much developers on each side – also they share the same aims on the same desktop, so I really would appreciate a cooperation. I hope that the BoF session will clear up some problems in this field…

And, btw., there was another post which didn’t make it to the planet, but turned up on kdedevelopers.org: “Plasmic-Raptor Kicksoff”. It deals with the creation of the new KDE 4 menu, which is a merge between kickoff, kbfx and ALI menu concept (I’m not sure, could be this project). Sounds nice because they already did some code and already used the Plasma API – but there are no screenshots yet. I’m really curious to see what the Plasma engine will be capable off.
But the name of the new menu is given already: Raptor 🙂


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