Nepomuk in KDE 4?

kde-logo-officialI’m monitoring the planet very careful, but until now there was not “the big message” with a link to a set of videos. I’m really curious! But in the meantime I spotted another hint about the possible development of KDE 4 and desktop search: there is a BoF session at akademy dedicated to Nepomuk. The session was already introduced on the kde-pim list in this post.

The idea is now to coordinate the work between Tenor, Akonadi and other information management systems in KDE together with the Nepomuk research project. About Nepomuk, it basically

[…] brings together researchers, industrial software developers, and representative industrial users, to develop a comprehensive solution for extending the personal desktop into a collaboration environment which supports both the personal information management and the sharing and exchange across social and organizational relations.

I haven’t seen any code yet, but it looks like that Mandriva has some people working in that area and aims at integrating that into the Linux desktop – and into KDE. And the other companies working at the project as well is pretty impressive, IBM is there listed as well as SAP.

Compared to strigi, btw., it is a much more general attempt to deal with information: strigi is “just” for search, while Nepomuk tries to sort, manage and provide all data important to the computer user. Sure, a search system should be there as well, so strigi could be a helping application.

I hope that we get information and slides – or maybe even Videos – of the BoF session as well, I’m curious if there will be more than talking, but maybe visible coordination or even some code.


One thought on “Nepomuk in KDE 4?”

  1. Yeah im also quite curious about the akademy results. Resulting in F5’ing this blog and the planet muliple times a day. But i guess we have to wait for a couple of days.

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