GNOME at akademy, websites [Update]

kde-logo-officialAkademy is approaching, and the KDE planet is full of messages of people leaving to the event. And as I always say, the strength of the Linux desktop is the friendly competition of GNOME and KDE – the proof is that there are also messages of people leaving for akademy on the GNOME planet. I appreciate that guys from GNOME are also invited and are coming. There is also a talk given by John (J5) Palmieri about desktop interoperability. I think it is a very smart step to invite someone from the other world to talk about problems and possibilities in this process.
As I said, friendly competition πŸ™‚

Speaking about comparison of GNOME and KDE I noticed a development: the web pages of KDE and GNOME are getting better and better. Sure, the main page of KDE is still … erm … well, designed for developers with little sense for design. The same was true for the GNOME homepage, but there you find a new (not really fitting) attempt of design at the front page since the latest version of GNOME was released. Also, the akademy conference page is quite impressive, well designed, and just good looking.
I think it is time to rework these pages and to give them a new design. The GNOME team already works at it, see this page. At the moment I haven’t found something similar for the KDE web page, but I can just hope that they will republish it with a entirely new design soon. And hopefully they will redesign the KDE wiki too, because that really looks horrible from my point of view. Ok, one reason could be that I never really got comfortable with Tiki Wiki, and that from my point of view the usage of Tiki wiki is less than optimal, but that may vary from person to person.

Let’s see what akademy brings about that topic (if it is mentioned at all).

Matt Williams has pointed me in the comments to the pages and Thanks for that, looks like there is development ongoing in the KDE area as well πŸ™‚

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