Akademy 2006

kde-logo-officialNo, I will not go there. Unfortunately. But I would not have the money, and even more important, I would not have the time because I have to learn for my diploma.

Nevertheless, the conference program made me crying over the fact that I will not be there: KDE 4 everywhere, also talks about desktop interoperability, cross distribution packaging and usability. I really, really hope that there will be slides and videos online which the users can watch at home.

And I would also like to be there to get the feeling of the development process itself, how decisions are made, which ideas are created, dropped, discussed, implemented, realized, and so on. I’m very curious what comes out of this meeting: for example what will be with tagging and semantic supported search?

Another talk is given by John (J5) Palmieri, a GNOME developer, who will have a look at the benefits and shortcomings of cross desktop cooperation. It sounds very interesting, and does not seem to be one of the silly and dumb “we only need one DE” talks of people who just don’t get it.

Since there are two talks at the same time every time I would not be able to attend to all talks I would like even if I would be there. But anyway, cross your fingers that there will be video streams, talk slides and everything else available for us to read, view and be excited about it 😉


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