strigi packages for Fedora Core 5

fedora-logo-bubbleA new strigi version has been released and nothing could stop me: I tried to compile packages for Fedora Core. And it worked 🙂

First I compiled clucene (version 0.9.15), which I had to patch, too, but after some reading some things about rpm’s getdiff this worked as well. So here they are:

Don’t worry about the special strigi patches, they are already upstream, but only in CVS.

The next step was to build strigi (version 0.3.8) itself. That took quite a while, I had to add specific environment variables for the build command itself, and there were quite a lot of dependencies – but it finally worked. So here are the strigi-packages:

To use them, just install the clucene-core and the strigi package – if you run into dependency problems, install them with yum localinstall *rpm. After that, just start strigiclient, and use the GUI. Btw., what you are probably not used to: the line on the bottom of the GUI is the search line, just enter any term, and it will show you the result.
You must now however, that these packages are compiled without inotify support – I was told so by the developers because it is still instable. But it is the main topic the developers working on afaik, so it will not take too long hopefully to build a version with inotify support.

The other bad news is that I haven’t had time yet to compile the strigiapplet which is embedded into kicker. I will do this in the future, but maybe I wait until the next, inotify supported version.

As usual: these packages will kill your kitten, and they will crash your computer in the most horrible way imaginable. And eat your data. Perhaps. So: you are at your own risk, don’t even think about asking me if they kill your system (and your kitten).


5 thoughts on “strigi packages for Fedora Core 5”

  1. Hey !

    Thanks for your package ! How about submitting it to Fedora Extras ? I’m sure other people (me included) would love to have an easy access to the package.

    If you don’t know how to become a contributor to Fedora Extras, here’s what you need to know :

    If you’re already a contributor, here’s how to contribute a new package :

    Please let me know when you submit your package, I’ll have a look at it.

    Thanks again !

  2. As you can see in the other articles written in this blog I am already a Fedora Core contributor. In fact the packages rsibreak and ktorrent are maintained by me.

    However, for the strigi packages I would have to submit first clucene as a package (alos a patched version, not the original version), and after that strigi. I do not have the time atm and probably will wait until strigi with inotify support is released.

    If you want to take over the job: the srpms are provided, I tried to prepare the spec fedora extras compatible, with a bit of luck and someone approving it you could be able to push it upstream in days.

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