New KDE pages: kexi and kdelibs

kde-logo-officialI never stop wondering what happens in the KDE world without anyone really noticing. Some time ago I mentioned the KDE artists and collaboration forums and decibel.

Today I come across “new” (means: new to me) pages again: first of all, which seems to be dedicated to spread the word about cross platform kdelibs and cross platform KDE development. The WIKI-style page already contains a set of information how to set up kdelibs on Windows – I wonder if information for Mac will be added.

The second page I discovered today is linked from As the name already indicates this page is dedicated to spread the word about kexi, the KDE database frontend. This – again WIKI – provides all needed information like feature overview, the handbook, FAQs, and so on. There is even a Link to a Windows version of Kexi, something I heard of today the first time.
I like the idea of spreading the word about such applications on special application pages – as long as the application is important enough, which is the case with kexi I guess. Would be interesting to see something similar for krita, but maybe we have to wait until KOffice 2.0.

However, nice to see that the KDE community and development world is *that* active!


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