KDE tagging support, a short update

kde-logo-officialNo, there is still no tagging support in KDE – but there are discussions and tests running , and here is the newest one: KDE::HTMLPart GUI for tagging cloud. Egon Willighagen wrote some small ruby scripts to add tags to files. These tags are saved with xattr. Theinteresting point is now that these xattr arguments are indexed by strigi – therefore strigi would automatically take advantage of the attributes.

In the comment section to this article there was a small discussion if we can expect more here, and if this will find it’s way into KDE upstream (read: not only trunk or playground). It looks like there is a development going on now, with a possible database backend as well as export and import functions.

But, keep in mind: this development is exciting, however, this is the real early state of development. However, it does show that there is talking, and that some people do care about tagging support in KDE 4.

In related news, I talked to deadbabylon today about compiling strigi on Fedora Core 5. He did not succeed, also he at least got further than I did last time. I will try to re-compile rpm-src packages I found in the ark repositories the next days, maybe I will have more luck with them. If so, I will post them here.


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