New Fedora Core 6 artwork

fedora-logo-bubbleThere is the new Fedora Core 6 artwork available – and it looks like that this is the final artwork, we are in the freeze now because the final release is coming closer. The artowrk looks pretty cool, and I definitely like the login screen: it looks like the login is part of the picture, and not something artificial.

However, the bad news is that the new icon theme Echo will not be included within FC6 – it is just not ready enough yet. But thee will be a package in Fedora Extras for FC6 once it is ready afaik. I have to admit that the new icon set looks pretty nice – the artists now what they are doing. An afaik it uses the Freedesktop Naming Scheme whcih are also developed inside the Tango Project.

So we will again use the old icons, the bluecurve ones, I guess. Ok, as a KDE user I tend to change the iconset anyway, but I would have loved to test the Echo set, though. Well, time will come for FC7.


One thought on “New Fedora Core 6 artwork”

  1. The Login-Screen really looks nice, but I liked the former background. This one is as dark as the ones since FC4.

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