kat is dead [2. Update]

kde-logo-officialLooks like kat, an attempt to create a native desktop search engine for KDE, has now vanished from the web surface. The old homepages, kat.sourceforge.net and kat.mandriva.com, just show a short note before it links directly to the main page of the former kat sponsor – Mandriva. The note is:

The Kat project web page is closed.
Please contact the author.

Looks like that even the sponsor has dropped kat.

The sourceforge project page is still alive, and lists some downloads per day. But the kat cvs list the last change some time 13 months ago…

So, with the disappearing of the main project page I guess kat is finally and officially dead – sad, but it pretty much looks like that strigi will be able to provide an even better search system.

The strigi team searches now officially for “crazy search terms” – the idea is that the strigi team wants to know which information you some times would like to have from your search engine. And if this query cannot be done with strigi, the team will try to improve the engine to include this query is well. A way to submit new “crazy queries” is this wiki page.

2. Update
To spread the word about strigi a bit, and to test how it works, I submitted a digg.com story. So, if you want to spread the word, digg it.


7 thoughts on “kat is dead [2. Update]”

  1. don’t worry, strigi will be cool. i’m working with jos van den oever to do an interview, which will be published on the dot soon. i’m sure you won’t miss it 😉

  2. That sounds cool! I wait at the moment to get the next “kind of stable” snapshot to try to compile and run it again and then post a howto or even Fedora Core rpms.

    And, I’m also sure that I won’t miss the dot news 😀

  3. @Serge: It is not clear if Tenor will exist in the way it was planned. Have a look here. Additionally, in the past there was much discussion that kat should be the search engine base for Tenor, and this cannot be realized now. So at the moment, the most realistic possibility is that in fact strigi becomes the successor of kat and Tenor – or the new Tenor, or works together with Tenor.
    In any case strigi has published much more code than Tenor ever has, and therefore I would be careful about dumping strigi.

    @Uwe: Yes, I know beagle, but it is tight bundled with GNOME even despite such efforts like kerry. I know that there next release is planned to be independent from GNOME apps, but we will see if this is really happening. Besides, strigi seems to be more flexible (pluggable backends) and it says explicitly that it does not hammer the system, something I could not say about beagle (which I tested quite a lot).
    And, as said above, another important thing is the future of KDE – beagle cannot replace Tenor due to several reasons. We need something else.

  4. Tenor will most likely be a kind-of addon to strigi, thought and talk have already gone into that. and about beagle, well – if you compare them, strigi uses 1/3 the memory and indexes twice as fast as beagle… i think that’s clear enough.

  5. Wow, that statistics are impressive, didn’t know it. But makes me even more curious about testing it as soon as there is a new snapshot (which means as soon as the inotify stuff is cleaned).
    If you have more statistics or even a link to it I would love to read them!

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