22. Commit Digest [Update]

kde-logo-officialAs usual KDE released the latest Commit Digest. And again – you could say “as usual” 😉 – there are lots of exciting news.

But a short note before that: in one of the latest reports about the KDE development I talked about large work done around konversation, which now finalised in the version 1.0 of konversation. Congratulations to all people involved in this awesome project. And yes, I still use konversation for IRC, not kopete.

But about the Commit Digest: It is covered by three main stories.

The first is that K3B 1.0 will be released soon with a rewritten and feature rich DVD ripping part. There are also the plans for K3B 2.0 mentioned, which will feature a rewritten base library and a DVD video composing system.

The second main story is about a Googel Summer of Code project which featured the Krita plugins system and two new plugins for this system, a Bézier Curve Tool and a Magnetic Outline Selection Tool. That sounds (and looks, check the commit page for screenshots) promising. Also, not covered in the main story, Krita is now able to use the Python Image Library which means 38 addiotional file formats to im- and export!
I really like the fact that Krita develops further and further, and already leaves Gimp behind in quite some features. Maybe it is soon time to take the crown of the Open Source graphic tool away from Gimp…

Last but not least a major development in Strigi is outlined: First of all strigi now features a dbus interface. That means that every program can query strigi and the index of strigi. Second, strigi searches for people with crazy search ideas – the given example is

give me all email that has xls attachments

The idea, which is pretty much like, is that the information are on your system – and they are definitely right! All information are on your system, the only question is if your search system is really able to collect and display these information. Or, said in another way, if you are able to communicate to your search system what you want. Therefore strigi tries to get all crazy ideas what you could search for to implement the appropriate way of searching into the language.
The question remains where you can reach the developers to send the the crazy ideas: one way is the discussion section on the kde-apps page. There is also a strigi wiki which lists the links to the bug report, the e-mail lists, and so on. And of course there is an IRC channel, although at the moment they say the channel would be #kat which sounds a bit awkward – but, hej, kat is dead, so why not?

Besides these main news there were several smaller but still itneresting changes in the svn: the kickoff start menu I blogged about recently was imported into KDE svn; alos, there were many changes in the kbfx folder, which seems to become a Plasma widget. I wonder if kbfx and the kickoff menu will merge, or if one of these will be the default for KDE 4, or what will happen. In any case, I would like to see the new menu packaged for Fedora Core, but that will take some time, I guess (it’s not even included in Opensuse yet 😉 ).

Also, there is a newplugin which will identify phishing attempts of URLs. The interesting part here is that this new tool, SafeSite called, can not only be included into different applications (think of konqueror, kopete, kmail, …) but can also query different anti-phishing sources. So: in future will be able to identfiy phishing attempts with the help of Google’s anti phishing list – but will also able to query other sources. Perfect 😀

In the KOffice world the whole suite (!) gets support for encrypted documents – the process will be entirely transparent. Nice 🙂

And, last but not least, kget, which is reworked under the name “make kget cool”, the code is entirely KDE 3 free now (except for the konqueror plugin) – this means the new kget is finally there – although I have no idea how it looks or acts like 😀
But since the GNOME folk showed how this could look like (Check out the awesome video! Well done, Steve!) I really hope that the new kget is at least similar to it in a way.

So, as already said: as usual a very exciting Commit Digest!

The dot has an article about the Summer of Code projects related to KOffice. It summarizes the different tasks and also what the projects achieved. It is worth reading an (screenshots included).


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