Google talk and skype interoperability?

gtalkAs most people know some days ago Ebay and Google announced there cooperation outside the US. This was not sooo important for, and due to this fact I missed a tiny, but very interesting detail: In both press notes there is mentioned that interoperability between there communication tools is explored. Something similar is written in the Google talk blog:

Just as exciting are our plans to explore interoperability between Google Talk and Skype, making it easier for our users to chat with one another. This is just another step in our commitment to interoperability via open, industry standards.

But, keep in mind that they explicitly talk about “explore” – you cannot be sure if this will happen. Since Google Talk is based on published standards and Skype is almost the opposite the question remains how deep this exploration will go, and what it will bring to the surface.

Together with the recently introduced support of file transfers Google Talk really seems to develop in these days.

However, there are still a lot of issues (see the last two paragrahps) I miss in Google Talk badly – and, to be honest where I do not understand why Google Talk does not try to solve these issues. But anyway, I hope that we will see a Google Talk Skype solution, and I hope that this will also work for the Linux jingle clients – or that we at least get a Google Talk for Linux some time in the near future…


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