SLED 10 – a licence

novell-suse As you probably now, the brand new SLED 10 requires a licence key if you want to use it. One way to get such a licence is to test SLED 10 – you get a evaluation key which expires after 60 days.
An even better way is to join a community page Novell launched some days ago. Originally the prices included there were only hardware, but after some asking Novell added a set of licences of SLED 10 – and gave me one as a gift for the idea! I now have an SLED 10 licence key which will last a year! That means that I now have an official business distribution 🙂

Thank you very much, Novell! 😀

I already downloaded the installation DVD and now plan when and where I will install and use this copy – it is very tempting to just wip away my Fedora Core installation, but I have some duties in the Fedora Core world, so it will probably be a dual booting system or a FC system in a vmware – we will see.
But in any case I really appreciate this gift because I already thought about using SLED 10 as my main system after I heard so many good reports and read so many positive reviews about it. I also hope to get a good impression about in which direction Novell moves: it is the first “real” businness product which belongs to the new, Linux-only way (I’m sure they will drop Netware somewhen in the future), which got quite a lot of attention by the Novell people and which is expected to gain money in larger values. I really like the way Novell stirs up the Linux development and the situation of Open Source in general.


9 thoughts on “SLED 10 – a licence”

  1. Hey, Liquidat:
    “I now have an official SLED 10 licence key which will never expire!”

    Actually, if you read my post again, you’ll see that that activation expires after one year. But! If you activate your eval, use the 60 days, and THEN use your activation code, you get a year plus sixty!

  2. SLED will never stop working.

    I also don’t get why it’s necessary to activate it? I simply registered it during the installation (an e-mail address is all that was needed) and everything seems to be working fine, including ZMD.

  3. Thebluesgnr Says: “SLED will never stop working.”


    “I also don’t get why it’s necessary to activate it?”

    Updates work for 60 days, then you’re on your own unless you have submitted an activation.

  4. Hi Ted,

    I thought the key e-mailed to me would give 60 days of updates, but I didn’t have to enter it to use ZMD. That’s why I’m thinking this is a little weird.

    Also, does it tell me anywhere how long until updates stop working?

    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  5. You get the first few days for free (a provisional code) in order to keep new systems protected. Then, when you add your eval key, you get 60 days from the time you got that off the site. If you’re smart, you can wait until the 60 days is up and extend for another 60 days (with the caveat that a salesperson will likely call you). When that’s up, register your 1 year license you got. This will keep your system patched and updated for a year and 4 months or more 🙂

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