Bits of current KDE development [Update]

kde-logo-officialThe development in the environment around KDE continues as usual. One example is the development of KTU, an application which allows you to fetch, the current translation of an application. You can install, edit and e-mail differences of the translation – the hope is that this will increase the quality of the translations significant.
As a side note, the developer of this application has started to port it to KDE 4, and reports it was done in a couple of hours. Sounds promising.

Another improvement which was introduced the last days is the work at an alternative KDE menu, the Kickoff Start Menu. It is mainly driven by Novell and used their resources to include a lot of usability and quality information while they were developing. Check a flash presentation here.
According to the developers blog the menu will be included in Suse 10.2 (targeted release date Oct 5, 2006). It would probably worth it to try to compile it for Fedora Core. Actually I never use kmenu, so the situation can only be improved 😀

Last but not least Aaron J. Seigo showed how he improved the mojo of an existing tool with a small change – and only with the help of Qt 4.2: Better search bar. He writes a bit about new CSS features in QT 4.2 which make at least his life a lot easier. Let’s see what others will create with the help of KDE 4 and Qt 4.2…

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – This is what I think when I look at these screenshots: KMahjongg old, KMahjongg new (for KDE 4). KMahjongg is “just” a small side application of KDE, but when even these small apps are improving so much, I get really excited about big applications in KDE 4!


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