KDE commit-digest and Tenor news

kde-logo-officialYesterday a new KDE commit-digest was released with a nice bunch of new stuff. First of all, the most exciting news for me, kopete 0.12 will be merged into KDE 3.5. That means that we will get all the new and shiny stuff of the newest kopete version rolled out with KDE 3.5.5, including:

  • jingle-support (experimental)
  • a new design engine which is Adium compatible; you can now just use your favourite Adium style
  • support for jabber transports
  • support for AIM chat rooms

I hope that the Google Summer of Code projects for kopete, the implementation of the QQ protocol and the OSCAR file transfer are also merged into kopete 0.12 and therefore into the next KDE release. But I’m not entirely sure about that…

Also konversation, the IRC chat standalone application of KDE, has got a major interface update – the commit of this changes was several thousand lines big afaik! Among these changes there are several fixes for current bugs, so the next conversation is going to be more stable.

The work at the kdveloper co-work part where you can live chat, discuss and send forth and back the changes over some kind of chat application also continues. This is, again, a Google SoC project which will hopefully increase the development speed of KDE significant – I want to see KDE 4 now 😉

But besides these commit digest there was a blog post by Scott Wheeler talking about the future of Tenor. It comes down to this: he is not sure how fast he will finish Tenor, and therefore he cannot promise anything. He hasn’t done anything in the past few months because he is still a human and therefore has only limited time. On the other hand, strigi seems to be promising to work together nicely with a possible Tenor framework, so therefore the sudden disappearance of KAT is not as bad as it could be. Also strigi seems to be more sensible than kat, from his point of view. So, all we can do is: to wait. Or we can hope that someone else steps in front and helps a bit with the Tenor stuff.
For me the most important thing is that I get tagging – that should be a killer feature for the Linux desktop, compared with Windows. I mean, everyone and everything uses tags in these days, and yes, it is a buzz word, but it is a working function you can quite easily add to every application, I guess.

So, at the moment, we have the first KDE 4 snapshot, but the state of important projects like Tenor and Decibel are unclear. But, on the other hand I think that the other projects are developing well: Plasma, Phonon and Oxygen, for example. I do not what the state of Solid is, though…


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