Survey of 3D graphic technologies (missing Glucose though…), a community page completely unknown to me until today, has an interesting article about the relations of Xgl, Xegl and AIGLX. Although it misses the new and shiny Glucose which was introduced only days ago it is worth a read if you have some spare time and always wondered where the difference between AIGLX and Xgl are, and why not everyone just uses the one or the other.

Btw., speaking about Glucose: I thought that it was a big announcement, but there was almost no discussion about it on the appropriate e-mail list. I’m not entirely sure what that means, probably the people first have to test it before they start discussing and improving it. That leaves a strange feeling… however, we will see.
To be honest, I get the feeling that we will see, in the long term, the success of AIGLX or even a merged solution of all of this stuff. All which is missing today is the driver adjustments which are necessary for AIGLX – and when NVIDIA makes its promise true that they release AIGLX capable drivers, and with Fedora Core 6 some when in the future which will also be shipped with AIGLX (hopefully) ATI will have to include this support also.

Ok, that’s probably a bit too optimistic, but I see chances there – so start asking NVIDIA and ATI for their AIGLX support, and it can become real in the near future! 🙂


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