New drivers from ATI – now with FC6 support

ati-controlpanelATI has already released the next set of Linux drivers – three weeks after the last driver set. ATI is really speeding up its Linux driver development. I hope that this will continue quite some time.

Phoronix already has a short report of the drivers. As a summary: the function keys on the new Lenovo laptops are supposed to work, the driver pack features now both, x86 and x86/64, and there are already some patches included which make it possible to create a Fedora Core 6 test 2 package (although there are still some patches missing). Also the Big Desktop functions have been improved so that no restart of X is needed any more when you want to apply changes to the configuration. You can also swap the content of the screens now.
(For those who do not know what Big Desktop it: it is ATI’s way of expanding one X server across two screens without the need to start a second X server – it’s like Nvidias TwinView.)

Btw.: for these who are wondering how the ATI drivers behave in the daily life the redblog could be worth a read: it is the testing blog of Michael Larabel who tested the ATI driver for 50 days.


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