KDE 4, pre alpha

kde-logo-officialnews.kde.org brought the news yesterday night:
a first SVN snapshot of KDE is released – the name it has is “Krash”. Exciting, hm? 🙂

However, before you now start compiling it, keep in mind that this is nothing else than an current SVN snapshot – that means that there is nothing “specific” or “new” which hasn’t been in SVN for some days or weeks.
Also the most stuff you are waiting for is still missing: Tenor, Plasma, Solid, Decibel, and so on. This “KDE 4 version” is nothing more than a test field for everyone who wants to port his or her application to KDE 4. It is not for users, not in any way.
And, if you want to now how it feels: “Imagine KDE 3 with more crash dialogs.” (Richard Moore). So no need to hurry.

Btw., the last time I compiled KDE 4 *is* quite a long time ago, but as far as I read it there weren’t so many changes on the surface, the most was under the hood. But I will have to wait until I give the “Krash” version a first try: I would have to update dbus which could be a tricky thing on my machine, and I have to learn for my exams (which is the real reason 😉 ).

For these who want to start developing on KDE 4, but do not want to compile stuff, and do not want to screw their system: Suse offers precompiled rpms on their build server, and together with a VMware it shouldn’t be a big problem of setting up a KDE 4 session to have a look and to test around a bit.