Happy belated birthday, kde-look.org!

kde-logo-officialkde-look.org became 5 years old on first of august! I’m sorry to be so late, but somehow the news didn’t catch it up, and I read it only by accident. But, here is the birthday announcement: .

Check the screenshot – there really happened quite a lot since the first version, although the design is still quite similar today. That’s what I call corporate design, especially when you add kde-apps.org, kde-files.org and the others.

One special thing about the news: the amount of data kde-look.org has to stand every day. It is tremendous!

  • 2.5 TByte traffic a month.
  • over 35 Million PageImpressions a month.
  • over 80000 unique visitors a day.
  • over 50000 registered contributors.

I don’t know how the page pays this off, but I’m sure it is everything else than cheap! But the number of 50k contributors is also quite nice, I was never aware of the fact that so many people are contributing to these pages.

Btw., the wallpaper section is a nice start to get windows only users careful in touch with the gloomy world of open source. They start visiting the page every day because there are so many free and wonderful wallpapers – and then they start looking around, asking, checking the game section…. and then we already rule their world! 😉


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