A bit of motivation: what SCO did to Linux

computerworld.com.au features a nice artcile about what SCO did to Linux, written by Pamela Jones: “Linux’s legal world after SCO”.

It is worth reading because it sketches how the Linux world was when SCO claimed the copyright violation, how it developed, and what came out of it. And it also takes a look at future developments. It is worth reading because it clearly shows that Linux was not prepared at all against this threat – but survived it nevertheless. And additionally there are now institutions and knowledge all around in the Linux community which are prepared for other legal attacks.

Sure, while reading this article yous should keep in mind that Pamela Jones is the leading figure behind Groklaw, the central place for Linux related law stuff. She is not impartial, but that also means that she really knows what she is writing about since she was in the centre of the mots important legal threat Linux ever faced since its beginning.

One of the main messages of the article is that the way the Open Source world, the community, deals with threats is going along well: the distributed, not centralized way of handling this threat, like different approaches from different sides (community grass root work, legal steps from corporations, …), the open discussions and digging for information by several people with different skills and knowledge, the self organizing environment, works. Sure, there are some shortcomings sometimes, and not everything worked perfect, but no way is perfect, and the Open Source way was impressive successful.

So, read it, it’s really worth it, and it is really motivating in respect of the future of Linux.


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