ktorrent 2.0 is part of Fedora Core

fedora-logo-bubbleIt took quite a long time but finally all problems and misunderstandings around my ktorrent package submission are cleared (for more details see the bug report). Finally I was able to build a ktorrent package.
But, since it has been more then four month (!) after the first submission ktorrent saw a big improvement over the meantime, and I updated the spec files first to become able to directly build a ktorernt 2.0 package. After some struggling with the build cvs server I was finally successful there, too, and the pacakges are now available at the best server next to you.

So, after all, I would like to thank Rex Dieter for his awesome and calm support – he did a great job in helping me with all small and big problems. I also thank Jason Tibbitts for helping around some misunderstandings about the approving-process (which is not as good documented as it could be, I think…). Last but not least there is John Mahowald who is my sponsor – thanks also!

Keep in mind, while you read this, that I am not the developer or programmer of ktorrent. Actually I cannot really program anything, so if you want to thank anyone for ktorrent itself, go to their homepage and post a message. Everyone is happy to hear that others appreciate their work 🙂

But there are not only positive words: I have to say that the approving process is not as transparent as it could be. And it is not as fast as it should be. During this four month I was close to give up my work – several times! The only reason that I did not give up was that I just did not wanted to spend any more time on this work for some days, I was even to fed up with this system to cancel my submission.
I think there are some people who would already gave up in my position, and this is something which should not happen because Fedora needs packagers like hell!

Anyway, since ktorrent and rsibreak are only two packages I still search for a third package I could provide. There have been already some suggestions, but my favourite is strigi at the moment. However, there are some other packages needed to package strigi, and at the moment strigi does not even build on my computer properly. So don’t rely on me…


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  1. Well, bad weeds grow tall 😉
    And I think this process will improve over time, these are more the starting problems, I guess 🙂

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