Commit Digest, Issue 19: a new mplayer KDE gui

Yesterday the newest Commit Digest was released. Among a lot of porting-to-KDE4 stuff and extensive work on kdevelop there was a interesting note about the future of k3b:

I will not post a full Changelog yet but can tell you one thing: From now on you will want to do all your Video DVD ripping with K3b

Sounds really promising!

Also interesting is a report about extended session management for KDE: this Google Summer of Code project tries to go beyond the today known session management:

Currently, session support exists so that when you logout of KDE, you may later return and pick up where you left off, with applications opening to the state they were in when you left.

My goal is to extend this session paradigm so that tasks like web development, communication, or even wasting time can be started or stopped at any time, by bringing up the appropriate applications with the setings you need to use them for that task.

Something else mentioned in the report is, however, a new GUI for mplayer: oskar. After some search it turned out that this is at least supported by Ubuntu. The basic idea is to rework the kmplayer GUI to something similar to kaffeine, because – form the authors point of view – the kaffeine interface is more usable than the kmplayer interface. Therefore the first GUI mockups do remind me of kaffeine: GUI mockup extended, GUI mockup simple.
Could be nice to have a new GUI for mplayer, however, since the mplayer development has it’s own problems this cannot be a solution forever. One of the reasons that I prefer kaffeine at the moment is that it uses xine which makes visible progress.

But anyway, with Phonon it should not be a problem in KDE 4 to write a new media player which can make everything you need – without thinking about the backend.
What KDE is really missing at the moment is a program for videos which would be something like that what amarok is for audio: the perfect program everyone wants to use….


2 thoughts on “Commit Digest, Issue 19: a new mplayer KDE gui”

  1. have you ever tried codeine? it’s the perfect movie and dvd player under KDE. I don’t ever use kaffeine again, it’s way too complicated for just playing a movie… imho KDE should ditch kaffeine and use codeine.

  2. You mean this Codeine? When I first saw it it wasn’t as feature rich as I needed, but now it looks interesting, I will have a look. Unfortunately there is no package for distribution and they do not provide a LSB-rpm. But for a test that should not be a problem…

    About ditching kaffeine in favour of codeine: kaffeine is not a part of the official KDE packages, keep that in mind. It is an additional application like codeine itself or even like amarok. The official media players for KDE 3 are noatun and kboodle (and, the official audio player for KDE is juk, not Amarok!).
    Therefore it is just a question of the market which media player “wins”.

    And, btw.: for me kaffeine is also usefull because I can easily play audio files with it without the need to load them into the well sorted Amarok playlist. For me it looks like codeine does not support audio files?! And kaffeine comes along with a konqueror plugin, I haven’t seen anything about that at the codeine web page…

    But as I said, I will have a look 🙂

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