[Howto] Smart on Fedora Core 5

fedora-logo-bubbleAgain an update of the livna release package pointed me with the changelog to an interesting detail: after Fedora Extras has included apt4rpm, it now has included smart as well, and that with almost perfect support!

So, what you have to do:

#1: Install the packages fedora-package-config-smart, smart, smart-update and smart-gui. They are probably depending on each other, I don’t know, I haven’t checked it yet.

#2: Start smart as you like it smart --gui. The smart-gui comes with a program called smart-root which is supposed to get rid of the problem with smart starting inread-only mode when called as user instead of asking for the root password and starting in full mode. However, it didn’t work for me.

#3: All base channels should be pre configured – you are asked to include them when you start smart for the first time. The livna repositories can be added with executing the script /usr/share/doc/livna-release-5/livna-smart-channels.sh from the livna-release package.

And here you are, with a nice working smart system. The only disadvantage is that you have to configure other channels, like the gstreamer or the mono channels or the flash plugin channel, by yourself. But these who prefer smart should be used to it, and since the channel files are quite similar, it should be easy to make a quick&dirty conversion script.


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