KDE 4 base and libs become more usable for developers

kde-logo-officialOne of the main aims of the KDE four core meeting was to get kdelibs and kdebase into a usable shape – and exactly that happened: this posting introduces new policies for kdelibs and kdebase which basically means that in future there will be no more kdelibs_snapshots in the build system, but a normal kdelibs directory, and it is supposed to compile every time! Additionally changes to kdelibs and kdebase, which will brake binary compatibility are only allowed at specific times so that every developer gets a build environment which he or she can trust on.

Now almost all developers can start diving deep into KDE4 and porting and developing there applications. Sure, there will be some more changes which will brake everything, but that will be only seldom and can be planned because it is only allowed on specific days (at least the rules say this at the moment).

I hope that this new policy will bring us even more ported applications – which, in turn would improve the kdelibs and kdebase because more developers are looking at it and more people show what is really needed – and because more people would find bugs.

The only thing I’m sorry with is that I’m afraid we will see first usable (beta) versions of KDE 4 not before early 2007 …

One thought on “KDE 4 base and libs become more usable for developers”

  1. This is great news, and hopefully it will speed up porting KDE apps. Everyone knew fall 2006 for the first working beta was way to optimistic, but it’s now more like Q1 07 for the first beta and Q3 07 for the stable. Thats quite a gap between the 3.5 release. It will be interesting to see what the KDE users will do when competing projects release there new features.

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