KDE all around (plus digikam)

kde-logo-official The new KDE commit digest is out, and has some interestinginformation. First of all, it reports about some interviews which were done at the KDE four core meeting. Listen to them here. My problem is, though, that I do not really enjoy podcasts – I prefer to read. Maybe it’s because english is not my native language? On the other hand I’m used to talk, listen and think in english… Probably it’s more because I really like to read things – and I can read faster through an interview than listening. But at least at the moment there are no transscripts available, so I have to wait until I’m too curious about it.

Besides, the commit digest has some more pretty interesting information: kdevelop got huge improvements of the c# interface – I was not even aware that it was able to deal with c#! And kmplot, a very small and handy application which just draws functions (can be quite usefull when you are dealing with physics or mathmatics every day) improved a lot – the best is you look at the screenshots by yourself: tangent fields, butterfly plots and crisp plots.

Also interesting is a small note about improvements in KIO jobs: you can now pause and resume jobs. For a person who uses kio on a daily base (that would be me, for example), that can become quite handy.

As already mentioned at other places, the work at <a href=”http://dot.kde.org/1152645965/”>Unity</a&gt; had begun, and is ongoing. Unity is, in short, a attempt to back-merge the code bases of appleskonqueror fork and the original konqueror code. It is not clear if this will really be included into KDE4 or if it is more a technical stud. But if it would be included into KDE 4, what I hope, KDE would win quite a lot: the base of konqueror would be company supported – and it is not bad if konqueror would get some more developing power, or if some KDE developers would have a bit more time to concentrate on other stuff. However, it is just nice to see that there is some effort to have more cooperation betwen apple and KDE.

Anyway, another, quite interesting and important topic is hidden in the digest also:

Matthias Kretz committed a change to /branches/work/bleedingedge/kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/kcontrol/modules.cpp:
compile, I’ll port kcontrol only if the decision is made that we’ll keep it for KDE4

This means that the future of kcontrol is not clear – or, in a broader context, that it is not clear at all what will happen with the control features of KDE4. As a friend of centralized control tools I would prefer to see a central application which can load modules to configure the system. There had been some nice mockups about possible guis in the past! Additionally I would love to see some more system tweak possibilities in KDE4 – at least some configuring of files which are covered by the LSB and should be on every newer linux distribution.

In the meantime there is another feature which I became aware of, but which is not listed in the commit digest: Vardhman Jain sent me an e-mail reporting that the newest kipi plugins svn version ships with a flickr export tool that is capable of exporting digikam tags! After installing the newest digikam version from svn I was able to test the new plugin, and, well, it just worked. Very well done!
It was capable of exporting new tags as well as old tags, and therefore does everything someone needs. Ok, to be honest, I’m still unfamiliar with the thought of exporting names as tags because these are information not everyone would like to see exported. I do not like the idea that all of my friends could be identified by flickr, so I will be careful exporting tags. But it is a nice feature anyway, and we will soon see it, when digikam 0.9 is released. That will be hopefully soon…


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