Linux stuff

Quite busy times at the moment: I’m now back in Germany, and have lots to do (like finding a place to life, for example….). In the meantime my internet connection is somewhat limited because my WLan is not working as it should be. To be more specific: it is not working at all. First I guessed that it is due to an error in NetworkManager, but even with the normal iwconfig I’m not able to bring up a working connection to one of the WLans (WEP secured, unsecured, nothing works). I then assumed that the error is due to Fedora Core specific stuff, but an installation of Suse Linux revealed just the same error.
Well, the hardware, then. But even a new hardware (Atheoros Super G, chipset AR5523, ndiswrapper, USB stick) had the same problem. But also, a already working configuration (fresh FC5) did not work this time, so I’m stuck in a way. No idea what to do except for buying a wireless device which is connected over ethernet to my Laptop – this will be a box then, that’s really not the way I would have preferred it :/

But anyhow, despite this problem: with a bit of luck I can soon move into a student house where I do not need WLan – because I will have a 100 MBit connection 🙂

Anyhow, in the meantime I found a very well written text about installing software in Linux: nothing new for experts, but a quite nice text for linux beginners. If you ever introduce someone to Linux, this text could be worth mentioning when you start talking about software installation. It is also a neutral point of view and shows that it is almost the same for all distributions, except that the name of the working tool is different.

That reminds me that the whole install, reinstall and test-another-distribution stuff was pretty easy for me – the only thing you need to have is a list of the installed software of your productive system, and a own home partition. Together with a fresh backup (everything can go wrong) you only need patience while the tool of your choice downloads and installs all the software for you. That’s something I *really* like!


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