ktorrent now in Fedora Core also

fedora-logo-bubbleAfter I was sponsored and uploaded rsibreak I also uploaded ktorrent which was approved even earlier. You can grab it now with yum or pirut also: yum install ktorrent.

Looks like ktorrent becomes the most difficult part for me in the next weeks because it is in heavy development at the moment and there will be a new stable version soon, I think: ktorrent 2.0. This means that I have to rewrite the spec in several ways and that I have to make sure that everything works fine before I push the new version to the build servers. But when I manage this without braking down everything than I can probably add other packages – I aim at the moment at a maximum of five packages. Small KDE apps which are not crucial for your life, but wash your dishes and clean the room while you can focus on important stuff.

The question is what I would like to try next – one (really small) app would be Kpdftool – again nothing which is important, but if you have it it can be helpful in case you work a lot with pdf files from other people. But the fedoraproject wishlist is also a source of information to get ideas for new packages. However, at the moment I’m also very busy working on the last pages of a report I have to hand in soon, so the next pacakge will come up at the earliest in some weeks. And when ktorrent comes out in that tiem it is more likely that another package will be delayed even more – we’ll see.


6 thoughts on “ktorrent now in Fedora Core also”

  1. If you are looking for another small application with a not too short release cycle: kfile_chemical (see kde-apps.org). Together with chemical-mime-data, on which it depends and which is also a small packages, it enriches KDE with chemistry features.

  2. Nope, sorry, these packages are built by others – I only maintain stable releases. So, as soon as there is a ktorrent 2.0 version I will try to make a package for Fedora Core 5.

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