Finally: I’m an official Fedora package contributor!

fedora-logo-bubbleIt happened: as this bug report shows I’m now an official fedora package contributer.

It taked so long because there were problems inside of the registration system – I did not know that and waited calmly (probably too camly) for my sponsorship while nothing happened. But know, thanks to Jason Tibbitts, the problem is solved. And thanks to John Mahowald who sponsors me now!
The package has already been build and signed and uploaded: here is the rpm of rsibreak for x86 – but of course, since this is Fedora, you can just enter yum install rsibreak, and it will be installed automatically, independent from the architecture you’re using.

About the package itself: it is rsibreak, a small but helpfull application which reminds you when it is time again to make a small brake. It can become quite annoying, but that’s the meaning of the apps: if you don’t make these small, short brakes you can suffer from RSI in some years. So, use it 🙂

The ktorrent package is also in queue at the moment, I will push it as soon as it is approved for building on FC-5.


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