Tapioca and telepathy: coopeartion

kopete-logoI already wrote a bit about tapioca, and today new packages for tapioca were published, and if you use the yum repository which is explained here somewhere, all you have to to is to hit yum update. It works nice here together with a Google Talk client, however the quality on the other side (of the Google Talk user) is reported as less than convenient and should be improved quite a bit. And there are still problems when running it behind a firewall.

Anyhow with the release of version 0.3.9 there was also an announcement about the relationship between tapioca and telepathy: both projects will merge is the near future to avoid dubbling efforts to reach the same aim (The full statement can be read here.):

Both Tapioca and Telepathy projects share the same goals, which is to provide a
framework for VoIP and IM able to handle multiple protocols, based on a
distributed architecture that could provide better integration with desktop

Such similarity brought up many common points that may be seem as a “split” of
open source resources, as there are two separated lines of work to achieve the
same goal. This duplication of efforts was generating some confusion among OS
developers and users, that started questioning the existence of two different
projects with the same objectives.

The advantage of this merge is that there will be a de-facto standard for the VoIP Linux world soon which will make it easier with implementing solutions for it. Hopefully this new attempt will integrate into other solutions smoothly – keep in mind that the project is very Gnome orientated at the moment and that KDE also needs something similar. Well, I hope that everything will work out.

The only things missing is now the question what will happen with decibel on the one and kopete on the other hand. That could become a problem in the near future if both develop independent from each other. We’ll see at akademy latest, I guess.


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