KDE: KOffice, D-BUS, svn digest, Kopete, Akademy etc.

I’ve just been some days away, and very much happened in KDE land – but I will try to gather as much as possible.


First of all there are exciting news about koffice: after Flake, the graphic object library of KOffice found it’s way into the official development branch, the color management of krita will find it’s way into KOffice also. The reason for that is pretty simple: imagine that your are designing a paper/report/flyer/presentation which looks perfect on your screen: since every screen has a different color profile the same result will look different on printers or other monitors. To get rid of this problem there is a principle called color management which is already well implemented in krita (but not in gimp, which is one of the main reasons why gimp can not really competete with professional graphics applications for years now, unfortunately :/ ).
This library from krita is now ported to the rest of KOffice to make sure that every file will look exactly like it should be – on every monitor or printer!
The question which came up quickly is if this stuff (as well as Flake) is compatible with the OpenDocumentFormat, and the developers reported that they will make sure that this will be the case. If you have similar doubts in mind, remember that one of the figures in the ODF teams was a KOffice developer – they are on the subject!

Besides this new library, called Pigment, there is also a vision paper posted at the dot, it gives a pretty good impression what the KOffice developers are planning and also what exactly Flake is all about.


One of the most important things happening these days in the kde base libraries is the port to D-BUS: with D-BUS the communication between different programs of difefrent desktop environments is no problem anymore. It is like DCOP which was available for KDE for years now, and is a kind of a replacement for KDE, but is alos heavily used by Gnome applications.
The integration takes time though, but that is quite normal for such a complex library – and the developers are working quite fast: D-BUS can already control KDE applications, so the main work is done, and the developers can now concentrate on their efforts to polish this and make it perfect. There will be probably some development on D-BUS side also to make sure that it does not only extends the possibilities of DCOP at some points, but covers all old functions also (at least, which are sensible, I think).

From the user point of view this step does not change so much, but this impression is wrong: from know on every application can talk to every other application (as long as they support D-BUS) – think of gaim informing kontact that a buddy in ICQ went online. This makes it possible to integrate even non-KDE apps directly into KDE almost as close as pure KDE apps.

Commit Digest for 4th June

The commit digest for 4th June is out and comes with a lot of very interesting information (as usual):

  • The first oxygen-icons found their way into KDE svn
  • much work is done at the kdedeveloper-teamwork modules
  • kstars can now project the sky maps in different projection-ways
  • oKular can extract embedded files from pdf documents
  • oKular can now handle document and paper orientation
  • The KDE hardwaremanager can handle basic power management
  • Kitten, a promising new attempt to get closer to the Tenor-aim, is now able to choose it’s backend on runtime; a GUI is also evolving
  • Akonadi is already able to work together with a simple mail client
  • amarok gets inotify support – that would mean that we do not need regular directory scans anymore

Besides that you will find information there about all other topics discussed here.


The next KDE conference will be aKademy 2006, September 23rd to 30th 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. The conference homepage is now official announced and the call for participation can be found there.
The topics which should be the main topics on the conference and in the presentations are very interesting and I would love to go there – unfortunately most certainly I will not have time, but I will definitely read every single message and blog post about the meeting – and will probably try to get a KDE 4 compiled at that time to see what will be presented there (because I’m pretty sure that they will show what is working right now and how it looks like – yes, read this as: screenshots!).


Last but not least: kopete has released a new version. While the release page does not unveil much about new features the roadmap page does now something more about the new release:

  • Adium style chat window themes
  • Yahoo: New Protocol Implementation
  • Jabber: Experimental support for Jingle voice chats
  • Jabber: Support for Offline Messages
  • Jabber:Support for Jabber Transports
  • AIM: Support for AIM Chat Rooms

Besides that, another kopete developers is now writing on kdeplanet together with the other kopete developers.
Blogging is one important way to communicate with these developers as a user and to ask them the questions which I really would like to be answered: Which role will kopete play around Decibel and the new IM intiatives of KDE? What are the main aims of kopete for KDE 4? Will there be improved jabber support (conferences, chats, file transfer with jingle-like p2p, jingle-like video, etc.)?
There are already posted as a comment, I’m confident that there will be answers soon.


4 thoughts on “KDE: KOffice, D-BUS, svn digest, Kopete, Akademy etc.”

  1. It’s offtopic, but do you remember I pointed out in a comment in your old blog that there was a compiz-kde in progress? Well, I just googled for it to see if there was any progress and I found the cvs of compiz as the first link (just like when I found it), but it seems that it’s been dropped! Take a look:


  2. I sure remember you – after your post I kept an eye on Live CDs running KDE, and finally used an updated version of Kororaa to make these screenshots 🙂

    About the missing KDE directory – you are right, I will try to send the developers an e-mail why this happened, and if this has anything to do with the further compiz development for KDE – thanks for the hint!

  3. ahem, I’ve been posting on planetkde.org since it’s inception. Granted, I don’t write a whole lot, since I think people would rather I’d be coding rather than sitting around writing blogs about this and that, but Kopete has been represented there for quite awhile. 🙂

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