Compiz and KDE

cube-with-matrixCSanchis pointed out that the KDE-directory of the compiz cvs repository is empty. This wooryied me because I was always afraid that the Compiz development is to close to Gnome and not desktop agnostic enough.

But, fortunately, me feelings were wrong: David Reveman, one of the Compiz developers, was surprised to see this, and asked Zack Rusin what this was about. Zack was not aware also and will correct the problem in the next days:

Ahm, to be honest I’m not sure what happened there. I definitely haven’t
removed them, I guess some interfaces changed and someone just removed them.
I just came to Norway and I changed my machine so I don’t have a setup with a
compiz checkout at the moment so I can’t check.
There were two things missing in Qt to make it all work really nicely that I’m
planning to add sometime next week and then I’ll see what happened with that


But besides the fact that the code vanishing is nothing to worry about there is another interesting hint: looks like there will be a code addition soon which makes it working even nicer – that is something I really like to hear. I hope there will be some more detailed explanations/screenshots soon.

Another mentionable topic in David’s answer was the KDE-compiz integration in SLED:

KDE integration will definitely happen. Novell is committed to
supporting compiz with both KDE and gnome. KDE support is not going to
be in SLED10, which will be released this summer and is our current
focus. A lot more work will be done on KDE integration once SLED10 is
out and any help with this is greatly appreciated.


This means that there will be most likely no Compiz-KDE support in SLED 10. That’s a bit sad, but since they are polishing everything at the moment towards a special integrated and smooth Gnome somewhat understandable – even Novell’s capacities are limited somewhat, and it’s better to have one full integrated yet and two integrated later than two half integrated and bad product yet which is marked as not-so-stable in the future..
But, just to be on the safe side: this is no official statement, but a personal side note – don’t bet millions on it, everything can change.

But so far about Compiz and KDE – and thanks again to CSanchis for his hint and David and Zack for their fast and detailed answers!


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