Skype update for Linux?

skypeAlthough Skype is not trustworthy due to alarming security issues I still use it sometimes because it is very spread among my friends, comes in an (old) Linux version and there is no real and good working jabber/jingle client at the moment.

Besides the security problems of Skype there is also only poor audio support for the Linux version: only OSS is available as output, resulting in problems running Skype together with other audio applications (or daemons like artsd) at the same time on standard hardware (which has no hardware mixer). So I decided to ask the Skype support if there will be a new version soon – the answer was very disappointing:

Hello Roland,

Thank you for contacting Skype Support.

We are working on adding compatibility to other platforms and operating systems but at this time we do not have any release date information. Please stay tuned to for more information

Best regards,

Florian | Skype Technical Customer Support

Sure, the news that they are working on it is nice, but keep in mind that this is the answer of the customer support – they would never ever answer something like “we do not support it anymore”, they wouldn’t be allowed to do that. This message reads more like a default answer conceiling the fact that they will not update their skype version anytime soon – or at all.

That’s sad, but not surprising – Skype has shown a lack of interest in Linux for months now, and no sign at all that this will change. The documentation is not even as “young” as the Skype version itself – the only positive thing is that the rpms are provided as a yum repository in these days which was not from the beginning afaik.

Hopefully the first jingle capable clients are released soon, I really want to get rid of Skype…


4 thoughts on “Skype update for Linux?”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I am also getting fed up with Skype, especailly of OSS, as you noticed correctly, which has troubles with other apps, and no updates coming out from their side for linux users.

    I am starting to like Gizmo, and once they have stable and workinf version out for linux, I am switching to that, and hopefully will be able to convince other Skype users to switch, at least who are on Linux. I really hope that they will be better with supporting other platforms, compared to Skype.

    ou tried Gizmo? I will try it out today on windows for comparison.

  2. No, never tried Gizmo, but since it works on the base of SIP it should be quite similar to other SIP clients, like Ekiga, which I used quite a time. The problem I have with SIP is that it is quite difficult to set up for normal users – Skype is just start and wait (because it’s p2p), Gizmo in the worst case have to stunnel a firewall and cannot work with more than one client behind a router (as far as I know/experienced).
    That’s the reason why I really would like to see a fully working Google Talk/Jingle client – besides Tapioca Kopete and Psi are both working in development version, and Telepathy should also be able to make such calls soon. But nothing is really rock-stable at the moment :/

  3. Thanks for the comment: I already wrote about the new version. The ALSA support is quite nice, and as long as there is no other comaprable solution available, I have to stick to that.

    And, no, SIP based is not comparable…

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