Telepathy, a IM/VoIP framework

kopete-logoRobert McQueen pointed out that the Nokia 770 tablet will be shipped not with Tapioca, but with telepathy, a instant messenger and VoIP framework with similar aims which also works with the farsight library.

Telepathy says on its homepage:

The aim of this project is to provide a D-Bus-based framework that unifies all forms of real time conversations, including, but not limited to, instant messaging, IRC and voice and video over IP. It aims to provide a simple interface to client applications allowing them to quickly implement code to make use of real time communication over any supported protocol.

This is quite sensible since at the moment every IM-app implements every protocol by itself. That is the reason why some IM clients support some protocols better than others, or have differetn feature sets. If Telepathy takes over these parts, this would mean that every IM client does only have to make sure that it can handle and work well with Telepathy – the rest would be done by the Telepathy developers. That would free developer power on the side of the clients, and would bundle developer power on the side of backend developers.
There is, for example, one Google SoC project running to integrate VoIP and VideooIP handling for ICQ into telepathy – soon every client which supports Telepathy would be able to integrate these two features without even looking at the ICQ specs.

But, speaking aobut clients, there are some things which make me wonder a little: the whole page does not speak about the main and favourite clients of the Linux desktop at all – neither gaim nor kopete are mentioned on their page, so I wonder a bit who this will be integrated, or if Telepathy is ignored by them – or the other way around.
At least the Kopete people do know about Telepathy, they have been at a Meeting about Telepathy as this post shows. But I’ve never heard anything else about it, it looks to me as Telepathy could use a little bit PR?

Anyway, it looks to me that the IM landscape is developing at the moment, probably much more than the average user recognizes. Hopefully KDE4 takes these possibilities.


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