KDE SoC and Multimedia Meeting

kde-logo-officialGoogles Summer of Code projects has been assigned, and the list for the 24 accepted projects mentored by KDE is online.
The most interesting projects from my point of view are :

  • Full native ODF and MathML support in KFormula
  • Koffice: Heading recognition in KWord and basic version control
  • Oscar Filetransfer for Kopete
  • Phonon Backend using NMM
  • Rapid linux desktop startup through pre-caching

The main problem though is that these are just names, and the projects behind that are left to our imagination at the moment – so I have no idea what “KPhysics” or “WorKFlow” could be, and the above mentioned projects just sound interesting, nothing more. They will hopefully add explaining links quite soon.
Besides that I anxious about the development of these projects – most of the really interesting projects last year never made enough progress that you could really hear from them which is very disappointing in a way. But on the other hand I think that google as well as the mentors of the KDE project learned some things and try to manage everything better this year – it would be nice to have Oscar file transport in Kopete by the end of this summer.

Besides SoC the planning for the future of KDE is taking place in the Netherlands at the moment: the KDE Multimedia Meeting happens there. The dot has a story about it, and there are several blog posts talking about it on the planet as well. Main topics of this meetings are Phonon, Amarok2 and usability all this with KDE4 in mind. It shows that KDE4 is now a serious topic among KDE developers and that a lot of effort goes into the project. I’m really looking forward to it, and I will compile and test it as soon as there are versions out with new stuff! (I already compiled and started development snapshots of the KDE svn, but at these times there was mostly porting work done, nothing really new.).


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